“Your browser is not enabled for cookies”

How to deal with this error message from Ticketsource

A problem has been identified during the ticket purchasing process on some devices. If a notice is displayed from Ticketsource saying that your browser is not enabled for cookies this is because you have not recently accepted the Ticketsource cookie policy following an update to your software or you have a device that has never been used to visit the Ticketsource website.

Although we don't use cookies on our website, the Ticketsource website does and their "cookie policy” has to be accepted before you can use their site. The solution is to click on the link highlighted at the bottom of this page, accept the Ticketsource policy by closing the notice about cookies (if there is one, sometimes just visiting the page will cure the problem) and then attempt the ticket purchase again.

You may need to close your browser and re-open it again after you have done this.

If you continue to have problems please use the “Contact” option in this website and describe what you have done, entering “Cookie Problem” in the Subject line. However, please ensure that you have tried the above solution first. The above method has cured problems so far.

Individual’s acceptance of the use of cookies is to comply with EU legislation governing websites that require their use despite the problems that this can cause.

Go here to accept the Ticketsource cookie policy and close the notice if you see one near the top of your screen

If you don’t see one, just closer the browser window and try the purchase again. All should be well this time although the problem may reappear after browser or Windows updates that sometimes clear the cookie cache.

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