Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member?

You can join our society when you attend one of our monthly screenings. Alternatively, you can download a membership form from the Membership page of this website where full details can be found. Membership per person costs £30 per year.

2. Can I pay on the door?

Yes you can pay on the door as a Guest at any of our monthly screenings. There is a £5 per person charge.

3. What do I get for my membership?

You will be able to attend all of our regular monthly screenings, details of which can be found on the Programme page of the website.

4. I love film, how can I get involved?

If you would like to help by volunteering at the Society, please speak to Paul, Elizabeth, Rob or Ian during any monthly screening.

5. How is my membership money spent?

We are a not for profit organisation where all monies collected are re-invested into the society or spent on each monthly screening. Your membership contributions pay for the film licences that must be purchased before we can screen each film.

6. How do I make a film suggestion?

You can give film suggestions to any of our volunteers who will pass them on to the society Secretary. Alternatively send us an email with the suggestions and your details via our Contact Us page.

7. Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks?

Yes you can. We don't have a bar of our own but feel free to bring your movie watching tipple of choice. We would ask that you take your empty bottles & cans home with you.

8. What food can we bring into the screening?

You can bring your favourite movie snacks with you. Crisps, chocolate, popcorn. Some people even bring Pizza! We just ask that you take your rubbish home at the end of the evening.

9. What drinks and snacks are available?

We provide water, soft drinks, hot tea & coffee. We also have a selection of biscuits and crisps.

10. I'd like to organise a special screening for a private event, can I do that?

Yes we can provide private or adhoc screening events on request. If you are interested, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

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