Work Placements at Leigh Film

Since 2014, Wigan & Leigh Short Film Festival has worked with students from across the borough and beyond, creating opportunities to have real work experience in organising an annual short film festival.

In return, students learn about film, enhance their portfolios and also gain opportunities to network with film directors and producers. We offer a varied range of roles which students can become involved with and they follow each process from start to finish. These roles include technical delivery, media, photography, runners, front of house and hosting.

In March 2020, Leigh Film received an "Employer of the Year" award from Edge Hill University for...

"their work with students to provide invaluable work experience, networking opportunities, and shadowing freelance creative artists in their filmmaking process."

Leigh Film Society C.I.O. provides festival training sessions with students and also creates opportunities for film projects with community cinema.

Leigh Film working with students around the borough. (click the thumbnails for larger images)

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